MobilityWOD is the Latest and Greatest LEAD Sponsor for NorCal Masters 2017!!!!!


We’ve had some fabulous sponsors over the years and have a great line-up already for 2017. But, having the amazing people of MobilityWOD on our sponsor roster this year has us over the moon!  Whether you’re a coach, an athlete, a competitor, or simply a human being, you NEED to know about MobilityWOD and you should be accessing MobilityWOD Pro. It can truly change your day-to-day functioning and make your life better, not to mention improve all aspects of your physical performance.  

Check out what our friends at MWOD have to say:

MobilityWOD Pro is the world’s most comprehensive database of guided movement, mechanics, mobility instruction. MWOD offers expert content on injury prevention, soft-tissue work and mobility, pain management, how to train with certain injuries, sleep, hydration, recovery, and much more….
Become a Better Coach or Practitioner. Optimize your Mobility. Prevent Injury. Train Smarter. Recover Better. Treat Your Own Pain & Injuries. Enjoy Performance Gains. Understand Your Physiology. Help more people. Learn From The Original Movement & Mechanics Innovators.

Once you check out their site and delve a little deeper into their offerings, we think you’ll agree that it’s a no-brainer to take your knowledge and access to the next level. You’ll be glad you did!

Thank you, Juliet and Kelly Starrett, for your ongoing commitment to the health and wellness of our community and for supporting our Masters athletes!  We can’t wait to have you on board during the NCM weekend and know we will ALL be better movers in your presence!


Announcing our Newest Norcal Masters 2017 Lead Sponsor: LUCID.

lucidlogoWe all know that the mental game is a HUGE part of the battle of working out and competing. Our latest NCM 2017 Lead Sponsor is helping us do something about it!

Check out LUCID. Their motto is: Mind right, game tight.

Below is a little pitch from our friends at Lucid. We think you’ll agree, this is a GREAT partner for masters athletes, and we thank them for their generous support of our event!
Train your mind in less than five minutes each day and learn what it means to truly be in the zone. Lucid’s mental coaches have worked with elite athletes like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Crossfitters, Olympians, and more from all levels, ages, and sports to help them perform at a higher level. Only the best of the best have had access to this training and these coaches, until now. Get Lucid!

NorCal Workouts from 2015 and 2016 Here.


We’ve had a few requests for previous year’s NCM workouts, so we thought we’d post the workouts from 2015 and 2016 here for everyone to see.

NorCal Masters 2015 Workouts

NorCal Masters 2016 Workouts

If you’re thinking about registering for the 2017 competition, don’t miss out on this guaranteed registration opportunity, benefitting a great cause. Check out the whole scoop HERE!

Counting down till January,

The NCM Team


Announcing the 2017 NORCAL MASTERS!
Our 7th-annual NCM will take place on January 28 and 29, 2017 at the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond, CA.
We will post NCM 2017 registration info in November, and we will offer a BRIEF priority registration period to all athletes who competed in 2015 or 2016.  As we did last year, this year we are also offering a way to guarantee your spot and avoiding the mad rush to register. This time we are adding a raffle for anyone who participates in the guaranteed entry process!

Anyone who donates at least $100 by October 15th, 2016 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital via our event charity, Juggling for Jude, will be guaranteed to get an athlete spot at NCM 2017 AND will be placed in a raffle for a FREE NCM 2017 entry fee. That’s right, all you have to do is donate to this amazing research hospital saving kids with cancer, and your spot will be held for you without having to worry about the mad rush to refresh your browser come registration day.  Plus, you’ll get a virtual raffle ticket, putting you in the running for a FREE NCM entry. We will give out at least TWO free entries. This donation offer extends to ALL ATHLETES, not just returning ones. It’s a great way to break into this sell-out event without worrying about it.

Just go here to donate by October 15h, 2016 and then email to let us know you’d like to reserve your spot at this sell-out event. If you already donated $100 or more to Juggling for Jude in the summer of 2016, just let us know, and you will be placed on the guaranteed list and in the raffle, as well. Thank you in advance for your generosity and support of Juggling for Jude—a long-term labor of love for our now 11-year-old soccer juggling daughter.

*If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities for the NCM 2016, please email As you know, our event is a great way to reach a wide audience of masters athletes and their families. We also need JUDGES and VOLUNTEERS, so please start spreading the word now! Interested helpers should email

NCM 2016 Workouts are HERE!

Please note: for every workout that uses a kettlebell or a dumbbell, there will be an immediate 10-burpee penalty for any athlete who drops the weight from above knee height. This is to protect your bodies, our judges, the equipment, and the floor!

DAY ONE, SATURDAY, January 30th

Workout 1:

Part One:

3RM Hang Squat Clean in 4 minutes.

*As many attempts as you want.

*Can’t let go of bar throughout the 3 reps.

*The hang must start with the bar ABOVE THE KNEE.

*First rep must be deadlifted up to hang position and then go. Can’t do first rep from the floor.

*Must pass through a full squat (hip crease below knee) for all 3 reps.

*Rep finishes when you stand up with hips and knees open and elbows in front of the bar. Judge will count the rep out loud, and then you can lower the bar.

*If you fail a rep but hold onto the bar, you can still complete 3 good reps. E.g. if you get 2 reps, fail the 3rd or get no-repped, you can still go for a final rep as long as you don’t let go of the bar.

Part Two:

At minute 4, The athlete will set up his/her barbell for power cleans. Judges can NOT help.

At minute 5 do the following:

Min 5: 5 reps Power Clean

Min 6: 7 reps Power clean

Min 7: 9 reps Power clean

Min 8: 11 reps Power clean

Min 9: 13 reps Power clean…

Until failure to achieve reps at a given minute.

Then immediately into one minute AMRAP of burpees

***You must do at least 2 reps of power clean in your final minute before you go on to burpees.

*Power cleans: Bar must be lifted from the floor and continue to travel up without reversing direction at any point. Lift is complete at the top when athlete’s elbows are in front of the bar with hips and knees extended. Hip crease must NOT go below knee crease. It must be a power clean and not a squat clean.

Power Clean weights:

Men 40-49 165

Men 50-54 155

Men 55-59 135

Men 60+ 125

Women 40-44 125

Women 45-49 115

Women 50-54 105

Women 55+ 75

*Burpees—chest must touch the floor at the bottom at same time as quads. Knees and hips must open completely at the top, with shoulders directly above hips. You must jump enough that there is air/daylight between your feet and the floor. You do NOT need to lift your arms overhead or clap.

Score for 3RM is your highest total weight lifted. This counts as 50% of a full workout and will show up in Wodrocket Leaderboard as WOD 1.

Your score for the Clean/Burpee combo is the highest number of clean reps you completed in one minute (the number of cleans you got in your last completed minute of work) plus burpee tie-break number. Each burpee is worth .01 points, so if you get 40 burpees, that is .4 points. If you get 25 burpees, that is .25 points. This way, you can never get enough burpees to have it push you up to the next highest clean score.

*The Clean/Burpee combo counts as 50% of a full workout & will show up on leaderboard as WOD 2.

MiniWod: Max calories Airdyne 3 min (counts as 50% of a workout and will show up on Wodrocket leaderboard as WOD 3)


2 sets:


6 DB Thrusters

6 toes to bar

9/6 cal row (9 calories for men and 6 for women)

Rest 1 minute

*Each calorie counts as a rep. Calories are tallied AFTER THE ROWER STOPS (not when time is called if in middle of the row).

*Judges DO reset rowers after the first AMRAP.
*Athletes begin both AMRAPS with thrusters.

*Toes to bar: both feet must make contact with the bar anywhere on the foot, at the same time, and inside the hands. Heels must break the plane of the bar at the bottom.

Score is total reps over the 2 sets and will show up in leaderboard as WOD 4

Men 40-44 55# DB’s

Women 40-44 35# DB’s

Men 45-49 50#DB’s

Women 45-49 30# DB’s

Men 50-54 45# DB’s

Women 50-54 25# DB’s

Men 55-59 40# DB’s

Women 55+ 20# DB’s

Men 60+ 30# DB’s


 Max weighted pullup in 2 minutes.

Immediately into max Renegade Rows in 2 minutes.

Immediately into Max kettlebell swings in 2 minutes.

Immediately into max double unders in 2 minutes.

Score is # of pounds on BEST pullup lift plus # of renegade rows X 2, plus # of swings plus # of double unders DU’s.

This workout will show up on leaderboard as WOD 5.

*If you cannot complete a single rep at a given station, you simply receive a zero at that station. There are 0 points given for an un-weighted pullup.

*Pullups must start with athlete hanging at a complete dead hang with arms straight and locked out under the bar. Weights will be attached to dip belts. Kipping IS allowed. Score is the HIGHEST successful weight for a single pullup. Pullup ends when athlete’s chin breaks the VERTICAL PLANE, meaning the chin must pass completely over the bar and not just get higher than the bar.

*Renegade Rows = pushup (DB touches armpit or chest or shoulder at top and bottom, with no other part of body besides feet touching the floor at the bottom), then row one side (DB touches armpit), then row other side (DB touches pit). That combo is ONE rep.

Men 40-44 55# DB’s

Women 40-44 35# DB’s

Men 45-49 50#DB’s

Women 45-49 30# DB’s

Men 50-54 45# DB’s

Women 50-54 25# DB’s

Men 55-59 40# DB’s

Women 55+ 20# DB’s

Men 60+ 30# DB’s

*Kettlebell standard: entire bell needs to be above height of top of athlete’s head. Doesn’t need to be overhead or upside down but can’t be a Russian swing either. Must break the plane on top of the athlete’s head.

KB weights:

40-49 70/53

50-54 62/44

55-59 and 60+ 53/35


Workout 4:  12 min time cap

30/20 cal AD

20 DL

20 burpees

20 DB Shoulder to Overhead

40 Situps

20 DB Shoulder to Overhead

20 burpees

20 DL

30/20 Cal AD

DL weights:

Men 40-44 225

Women 40-44 185

Men 45-49 225

Women 45-49 185

Men 50-54 205

Women 50-54 165

Men 55-59 185

Women 55+ 135

Men 60+ 185

DB weights:

Men 40-44 55# DB’s

Women 40-44 35# DB’s

Men 45-49 50#DB’s

Women 45-49 30# DB’s

Men 50-54 45# DB’s

Women 50-54 25# DB’s

Men 55-59 40# DB’s

Women 55+ 20# DB’s

Men 60+ 30# DB’s

*Situp standard is touch floor behind head and touch end of sneakers at toes in front. BOTH feet must remain in contact with the floor at all times throughout the entire rep.

*Burpee standard same as Workout 1

*Deadlift standard: hips and knees extended at the top, with shoulders behind bar. No intentionally bouncing the bar off the floor.

*DB shoulder to OH standard: DB’s must go from shoulder to overhead with arms locked out and DB’s in line with heels, and feet in line with each other. Presses, push presses, and jerks of any kind are allowed, as long as feet come back to starting position (if split) before DB’s are lowered.

*Score is time to complete with a 1-second penalty per rep not completed. Will show up on leaderboard as Workout 6.

Workout 5:

Run 500/Row 500/Run 500/Row 500 11 min cap

*Judges WILL reset rowers prior to second row.

*The run will be a down-and-back run outside with rowers inside.

*Score is total time and will show up on leaderboard as workout 7.

FINALS will be announced after all scores for the above workouts have been tallied. Top 5 in each division will compete in the finals. Final workouts will be weighted SLIGHTLY more than a full workout. We will announce those percentages on the morning of the first day of the event.

Can’t wait!