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New Mental Game/ Psychology of Training Seminar for WOMEN who do CrossFit!

We are pleased to announce this exciting seminar with Dr. Allison Belger.

Dr. Belger is a licensed psychologist, co-owner of TJ’s Gyms, and creator of psychologywod.com.  She is also a former Division One collegiate athlete, a three-time CrossFit Games team competitor (highest finish 11th place worldwide), a two-time NorCal Masters winner, a soccer coach, and a wife and mom.  She brings a unique perspective, grounded in education and personal experience, to the discussion of psychological aspects of physical training pursuits.

Sunday, April 12th, 2015 at TJ’s Gym in Corte Madera, CA.

See here for the PDF with more information: SEMINAR INFORMATION

Register now!  We will cap registration at 20 women!

Questions? Email allison@tjsgym.com.

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Additional Workout Standards and Explanations in Response to FAQ’s

1. WOD 3 Run/Squat: The 13-min time cap applies to the entire workout.  You are REQUIRED to rest one full minute after you complete your run, before you are allowed to touch your barbell. At that minute mark, your 2 minutes of back squats begin. If your run takes you more than 10 minutes, you will still need to rest the full minute before squatting, and you will simply have less than 2 minutes to get in as many squats as you can. If you complete your run in 12 minutes or more, you will get a zero for the back squat score. The run counts as 50% and the squat counts as 50%.
2. WOD 4: Kettle bell snatches: The bell must settle on the floor completely in between hands/reps, but you can pick up the bell and stand up with it before beginning your snatch. In other words, you can lift the bell in a deadlift fashion and then swing it to get momentum for the snatch. You do NOT need to begin the snatch from a dead stop on the floor.
3.  WOD 4: Pistols: If you are in a weighted category, the pistol weight will be the same kettle bell you used for your snatches. If you are in an unweighted pistol division, you are permitted to hold your weight if you choose to do so. This will not get you more points, but some people prefer to do pistols with a weight in hand. You can only use the kettle bell you used during snatches. 
The non-standing FOOT AND ENTIRE LEG cannot touch the standing leg throughout the entire movement.  In other words, no wrapping of your leg around the other leg, no placing your foot on the opposite quad, etc. The non-standing leg must be completely away from your body and the floor during the entire quat.
4.  WOD 1:  Cleans must COME FROM THE FLOOR with the barbell traveling up the entire time. This means you cannot deadlift and then go from a hang clean position. Once the momentum of the bar stops going up, the lift is a failed rep and you must begin again from the floor. However, once the bar is successfully brought to the shoulders, you can re-attempt an overhead lift if you fail. You do not need to go back to the floor.
THE ONLY TIME YOU CAN DO MORE THAN ONE REP AT ANY BARBELL IS FOR TIE BREAK PURPOSES.  For every bar except the final bar in the ladder, that will mean deadlifting as many times as you can at the bar one higher from your final successful lift.  For athletes who complete the entire ladder, the tie break will mean you will be able to do an AMRAP of clean and jerks at that bar. 1 point for each clean and 1 point for each lift overhead.  However, you must do ground to overhead and cannot just cycle additional cleans.
5.  WOD 5: Thrusters:  You cannot stop at the shoulders in a front squat position and then press or push press or jerk the bar overhead. The bar must travel up from the bottom of the squat to the top of the overhead position. If you pause as you are getting to a lockout overhead, that is fine, as long as the bar DOES NOT TRAVEL DOWN AT ALL.
Also, there is NO JERKING ALLOWED IN THE THRUSTERS, which means you CANNOT REBEND YOUR KNEEDS as you get the bar overhead.  Your momentum must continue going up at all times.  Please don’t mess with this and try to test your judge. Just don’t jerk your thrusters. :)
6.  Online ticket sales are CLOSED.  As we mentioned in a previous email, those were only open till Tuesday.  We will accept cash only at the door for ticket sales. Kids 12 and under get in free.
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The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived!  Attached you will find the workouts and movement standards for the NorCal Masters 2015 competition.

Athletes: please read these very carefully many times through.  Please consult with friends and coaches before asking questions. If you and two friends have the same question and two other friends can’t find the answer in the attached document, please email allison@tjsgym.com for clarification.

We encourage athletes to follow the NorCal Masters Facebook page, as discussions and clarifications will likely take place in that forum. Don’t worry if you don’t do Facebook; all important information will be emailed to you and/or posted on this blog should a need arise.

The final workouts for top 5 in each division will be announced at the event and will be worth 1.5 of a regular workout.

We look forward to a challenging, safe, and fun competition!


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NCM 2015 Heat Assignments and Schedules are Here!


NCM athletes: You should have received an email with heat assignments and other important event info just now (almost 6pm PST on Tuesday).  If you didn’t receive that, please check your spam folders and email allison@tjsgym.com if it’s not there.  The heat information can be found at the bottom of this post–one link for Day One (Saturday) and one link for Day Two (Sunday).

Spread the word to your fans, so they know when to come cheer you on!

Stay healthy!

The NCM 2015 Team

PS Don’t forget to bring your waivers to athlete check-in!

PPS Workouts will be posted tomorrow (Wednesday) by 8pm PST!

NCM2015 Event Schedule and Heats Final Version 2015 NCM Athletes Day 1

NCM2015 Event Schedule and Heats Final Version 2015 NCM Athletes Day 2

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New NCM 2015 Logo Revealed!


Every year for NorCal Masters, we create an event logo from an album we over-40 people listened to back in the day. We usually reveal the logo on the day of the event on the t-shirts.  This year, we’ve decided to send out a sneak peak of the logo here. It’s just too cool not to share early!

Thanks to designer, Stefan Meholick, for executing our concept so beautifully, once again!

Get ready, NCMers…we will see you soon!


NCM 2015 Spectator Tickets–On Sale Now at Early-Bird Pricing!


Hello NorCal Masters 2015 Superstars!

Please tell your MANY avid fans that we are now selling spectator tickets at a reduced rate.  Kids under 12 will be allowed in free.

Just follow these instructions:

1.  go to https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/home?studioid=4151
2.  Hit ONLINE STORE (top right)
3.  Choose either one-day pass for $15 or 2-day pass for $25
4.  Create Profile (if you don’t already have one)
5.  Print receipt (we will keep a list of who has paid, but it will help if you bring your receipt in order to pick up your bracelet at the event).
We will also be selling tickets at the event, but prices will be slightly higher ($20/day and $30/weekend).
Thank you!
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A Few Announcements as NorCal Masters 2015 Approaches

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year!

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 6.12.51 PM

We are busy planning the event and have a few announcements for you:

1. We still need judges and volunteers, so please spread the word and tell any interested parties email jessica@tjsgym.com. All volunteers and judges will get an event t-shirt, coffee, and lunch, and we promise a super fun and inspiring work environment!

2.  We have ONE remaining spot open in the Men’s 60+ Division. Please email allison@tjsgym.com immediately if you would like to compete and are in that group.

3. There will be 4 workouts on Saturday and 2 workouts on Sunday, plus a finals workout for the top 5 in each division.  We will post the schedule for both days, as well as athlete check-in times for Friday afternoon (encouraged) and Saturday morning, VERY soon.  Workouts will be posted a few days prior to the event.

3.  Here’s a quick word from one of our lead sponsors, Revive-Rx:

“Revive Rx is the leading source of performance nutrition for the sport of fitness.  Functional, high intensity, mixed modal fitness creates unique nutritional demands on the body. Revive’s simple, clean formulations meet these demands to maximize athlete performance.”

Learn more – www.revive-rx.com

Speak to a team member – chris@revive-rx.com

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