Another Shout Out to our Awesome Lead Sponsors!
Huge thank you once again to Convergent Mobile and MobilityWOD. We use Convergent for all of our gym texting, and it has literally changed the way we communicate with our membership. We also use MobilityWOD daily. I mean really, who doesn’t? The Starretts need no introduction, but if you’re not subscribing to their goodness yet, you’re missing out!

Last-minute Sponsor Addition: Two Brain Business!
Two Brain Business makes gyms profitable. That’s pretty much all you need to know. We’ve been a client for a couple of years now, and their mentorship has changed the way we run our business, 100% for the better! If you want more info (which you should if you own a gym), text the word MENTOR to
((314) 665-1767.

Soft Judges/Timekeepers Still Needed
Please help us by asking friends and family members if they’d be willing to run a stop watch and record times on Saturday from 10-1:30, in exchange for an event t-shirt and a rockin’ good time. Those interested should email Thank you!

Your NCM 2018 workouts can be found HERE.

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